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She initiates projects, motivates people, brings the right creatives & progressive minds together and makes things happen. With her experience, empathy and joy for communication, Uleshka is an authentic expert in making yourself being heard.


Uleshka consults startups, individuals and companies to find the right strategies for an authentic positioning of their services. She is happy to get people’s word out: hands-on through writing, social media, webdesign or speaking. She also loves to facilitate learning: how to support each other with communication strategies, create support networks and through peer-to-peer learning.

Uleshka teaches various topics from authentic positioning to project management for creatives at Berlin’s universities HTW, UdK,  AID and UE.

Whenever she doesn’t help others with positioning and getting their word out, she works on her life’s vision of how to turn an abandoned house outside of Berlin into a place for co-living with like-minded people. International friends from the “creative Tokyo diaspora” are as welcome as Berlin busy folks and authentic Brandenburgers. Uleshka is a member of the Zukunftsorte network and shares their vision: promoting and uniting visionary places in nature for new models of living.

Uleshka is fluent in English and German, speaks Japanese on a qualified Izakaya Level and remembers a bit of French. So – she is looking forward to hear from you.


Brings fresh ideas to your table. She loves to set up on- and offline spaces where she builds ephemeral or sustainable communities: to connect, invent formats, share insights and to create some magic. Uleshka connects the right minds and hearts from her delicious international network – if you can get her for your project.



Knows about community curation, team composition, idea editing. Basically: how to select wisely, intuitively and relevant out of a big pile of something (images, people, texts, presentations, ideas) and compose an excellent new form. Concept focus, motivation and execution.



Book author, chief-editor and design journalist. Clears and writes up your concept, book intro or speech. Uleshka also edits any cryptic long text (e.g. a company philosophy) and turns it into a short and easy, sexy text.



Moderation of a panel, interviews, presentations, workshops. Uleshka loves to talk to and with people: on a stage or next to each other. She also gives talks about The Process of Editing, Design Thinking, Building tangible spaces and irregularly hosts Wise Women Wonder Nights events.