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Back in the 2000s, when Uleshka was still into creating video art and hanging out with rather interesting Japanese and international creative folks in Tokyo, IMGSRCs founder Mr. Ito had a visionary idea (as usual). Instead of keeping Uleshka busy with web design, he encouraged her to “Do an Uleshka style project!”. So Uleshka met other designers, creatives, artist and makers, discovered amazing projects, stumbled upon Japanese crafts and wrote about it in the hottest new format of the time called – blog. As her first ever startup she set up the design platform PingMag.jp – Design and Making Things from Tokyo – in 2005, which soon after was considered the most influential design hub from Asia.


Life happened and PingMag is now RIP. Some images remain to remind those, who were checking the pulse of design at this time, of a truly legendary era and an inspiring project.

Good-bye, PingMag. We had so much fun together with everyone from Thomas Heatherwick to Alva Noto, KleinDytham architecture, Robert Henke of Monolake, Shantell Martin, Stefan Sagmeister, Eric Spiekermann and of course all of the countless Japanese designers, craftspeople, makers and artists: Taku Satoh, Keiji Ashizawa, Namaiki, Masako Ban, Kazuyo Seijima, Yuki Kameguchi & Ian Lynam …

Here is a final sakura-greeting, one of the more trashy and fun articles…