UYUNI Community
communities, Berlin, nature, open-minded, international, creative, sustainable, remote working
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UYUNI Community

Uyuni is our tangible utopia. Here is where people can build their home in nature together: kids, grannies, queer play party folks, straight digital nomads, experimental architects, sustainable gardeners (or those interested in becoming some).

Uyuni is where we take the best of what we found in the city and bring it to nature just outside Berlin: open-minded, international people, who strive to build a lasting community that leaves everyone enough room to grow individually and at the same time support and care for each other no matter what sexual orientation, relationship model, with or without children.

Uyuni is our family of choice, our retreat in nature and our way of life: we learn how to live and strive together, how to teach our children collectively, practice respectful communication and connect to our bodies and spirits, how to work remotely and earn a good income that way and – ideally – how to grow our own food and live “off the grid”.

To join our monthly meet ups where we shape this community just send an email to Uleshka or join our Facebook group.

We are so excited about this joint path to manifest our dreams into reality.
And – you – are invited.