Forest Village (temporary page)
communities, Berlin, nature, open-minded, international, creative, sustainable, remote working
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Forest Village (temporary page)

After years of searching, we finally found a place for our tangible utopia. An interesting old apprentice home in the south of Brandenburg with an original GDR gemstone of a fabricated building (about 10 apartment units), a couple of old garages, a huge open field surrounded by forests and the river Spree near by – to either paddle to Berlin or into the mystical Spreewald.

Here is where we can now build our home in nature together: kids, grannies, queer play party folks, straight digital nomads, experimental architects, empowered social entrepreneurs and sustainable gardeners (or those interested in becoming so).

Open-minded, international people, who strive to build a lasting community that leaves everyone enough room to grow individually and at the same time support and care for each other. Welcome to all beautiful shades of skin color, sexual orientation, relationship models, people with or without children.

We strive to create a family in nature and experiment with new models of living. How can we teach our children collectively, practice respectful communication with each other and connect to our bodies and spirits? How can we use digitalization to work remotely and earn a good income that way? Ideally, we also strive to support the local organic farmer, grow our own food, create our own energy and live “off the grid”.

Get invited to our upcoming meet-ups in 2021 where you can become an active part in shaping this community. YAY! Join the ride of creating a space in nature.

If you like, follow us on Instagram.

We are so excited about this joint path to manifest our dreams into reality.

And – you – are invited.