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Uleshka loves to talk to and with people: on a stage, during a workshop or in a personal, smaller setting. Enjoy a wild mix of diverse formats.

InnovationCamp LANDSICHTEN - Uleshka giving a participatory workshop.
InnovationCamp LANDSICHTEN - Uleshka giving a participatory workshop.
InnovationCamp LANDSICHTEN - Uleshka giving a participatory workshop.
Spontaneous workshop as Netzwerk Zukunftsorte with Philipp Hentschel during Landsichten – Innovation Camp in Görlitz.
Design Thinking workshop for Sumitomo Corporation.
Vision, voice and communication guidelines for music startup Majestic Casual.
Workshops and lectures at HTW Berlin about the creative process and the art of editing.
Presenting and panel discussion lead at the Baltic Made In Japan Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Teaching presentation techniques at Akademie für Illustration und Design Berlin.
Research workshops about “The art of Editing”: what is the outcome, if everyone has the exact same materials to tell the same story?
Open source city development discussion and workshop together with Ronen Kadushin for (later called) NION project.
Conversation formats in Uleshka’s living room.
DIY drawing robots – a workshop for kids as part of NION.
Social furniture workshop for IDEO in Berlin.
Uleshka reading her texts for Craig Mod‘s platform Hitotoki – a city map based on personal story telling.
Uleshka moderates at Tokyo Art Beat with Takeshi Ishiguro.
Moderation and panel discussion at Tokyo Art Beat about Takeshi Ishiguro‘s artworks (English and Japanese).
Product development workshop for Vaikai
Product functions, attributes, development workshop – for Vaikai: connected wooden toys for kids.
Teaching new forms of presentation to art students at the UDK.
Make me matter – a course about positioning, new formats in contemporary art and media at the UDK Berlin.


If you can’t inspire people personally, writing is the next best thing…

Curating a community’s voice: compiling and writing the book about Pecha Kucha, the now omnipresent concise presentation format.
Writing for the platform.
Wise Women Wonder nights
Founder, writer and chief editor of the inspirational platform PingMag – Design and making things from Japan.
Writing LosLogos4, Tangible, Playful Type and Vania – design books for Gestalten publishers.